Conference 2019

Venue:  The University Hall, Birchwood Road, Cardiff, CF235YB
Date:  2.00pm 15th March to 4.00pm 16th March
Theme: Missional Anglicanism
Cost: £35 Full Conference or £25 Day Visitor (includes meals on Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime)

Accommodation: the venue does not provide accommodation.  Hotels and B & Bs are available locally.  Alternatively, members of local churches will be able to accommodate some delegates: please contact for more information.

In the rapidly changing culture of Wales, where the Christian Church has moved from central to sidelined in half a lifetime, Christians need to present the unchanging gospel of a Saviour who is the same yesterday, today and forever. How should the Church in Wales attempt this task?  What should change and what shouldn’t?  This will be focus of our 2019 conference on Missional Anglicanism.

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Mission and authority - Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

All Christians are under authority but how is that authority defined with respect to mission? How do we balance the authority of Scripture and of the Church?  Where does our ultimate authority lie when the teachings of the Church and the teachings of Scripture differ?  This session will explore these themes from an Anglican perspective.

Mission and sacrament - Bishop Philip North

What is the purpose of the sacraments? Are they ancient rites of the church available to all without condition? Or do they demand careful consideration and a call for a lived, personal faith? This session will address some of the changes to the Anglican understanding of the sacraments, specifically in Wales and will assess the implications of this in terms of mission.

Mission and the uniqueness of Christ - Revd Lee Gatiss

The mantra “all roads lead to God” is not a new one, yet it is a view which has gathered significant traction both within and outside of our churches in recent years. In a world where truth, morality and ethics are often seen to be relative what place does the church have in declaring that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life”?  What does the church mean when it proclaims Christ as Saviour? How do differences in understanding affect our ability to make evangelism central to the Church in Wales?  This session will explore the tensions of proclaiming Jesus as Lord in a world that so often rejects absolutes.

Mission and a counter-cultural church - Lorna Ashworth

The church today is faced with many difficult questions on morality and ethics particularly in relation to sexuality. Is there a conflict between being “all things to all people” and being “holy as I am holy”? How should the church stand firm for biblical truth whilst still seeking engagement with the world?  Can the church grow by accommodating itself to the tide of current culture? How does the church honour God in a society that doesn't?  This session will explore these difficulties particularly in the light of current debates within Anglicanism.

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