The Venerable Paul Davies

Archdeacon of Surrey

In the month when we celebrate the life and witness of Dewi Sant, his last words come to mind: ‘be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things’. This Anglican Essentials Wales conference seems to embrace all three aspects which are so rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the culture of Welsh Christianity. I am so sorry not to be able to join you on this occasion but, as a son of the Church in Wales, I shall be praying for this conference: that it will be joyful as you gather together; that it will encourage you to keep the faith in an increasingly challenging context; and that it will inspire you to do the little things that Jesus did which are transformative in the life of his Kingdom. This Conference has the potential to be very hopeful indeed.

Revd Vaughan Roberts

Rector of St Ebbes Oxford & Director of the Proclamation Trust

At a time when the essentials of our faith are challenged from both outside and inside the church, it is vital that Anglicans from different traditions, who share the same foundational commitments, find one another and work together. I pray that Anglican Essentials Wales will be used by God, not only to defend the faith when it is under attack, but also to spur its members on to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to our needy world.

Sian Rees

Director, Evangelical Alliance Wales

Wales possesses a wonderfully rich Christian heritage, yet it is my prayer that we would once again see our nation transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that the Anglican Essentials Wales conference will mobilise Christians to be a united and creative witness to our land and beyond.

Rt Revd Keith Sinclair

Bishop of Birkenhead

I warmly commend the Anglican Essentials Wales conference Missional Anglicanism and
wish I could come myself! Last year speaking to the Evangelical Fellowship in the Church
in Wales was a great personal encouragement to me and I am sure this conference will
also bless and benefit all who are able to go. Jesus came as the one full of grace and
truth, I believe we should take every opportunity we have to grow in that grace and truth as
we witness to him, and I am sure this conference will contribute significantly to that growth
for all who can attend in Wales and beyond.

Revd Rachel Marszalek

Vicar of All Saints Ealing, General Secretary of Fulcrum & New Wine Women Representative for London and the West

It is the Holy Spirit who will re-energise and re-invigorate life and ministry across the country of Wales. The church which moves with the times will shrink but the church which moves with the Spirit will flourish. The history of revival movements in Wales proves this to be the case. In concentrating on the essentials at the heart of the Christian faith and celebrating the unique sufficiency of Christ's saving work, Anglican Essentials Wales is seeking to serve the purposes of a Holy God who comes to seek and save the lost. I pray God uses this movement so that he might move in power across Wales.

Revd Dr Ian Paul

Former Dean of Studies at St John’s Nottingham & as Psephizo the Winner Premier Digital Awards Blogger of the Year 2017 & 2018

There are many things happening in the church in these islands about which we can be excited and thankful—planting of new congregations, mission initiatives bringing many to faith, a rediscovery of the power of prayer. But at the same time there are worrying signs of church leaders letting go of our inheritance of faith and loss of understanding of and confidence in the Scriptures. I warmly commend this new initiative, and hope and pray that it will bring new life and strength to the Church in Wales.”

Revd Simon Ponsonby

Pastor of Theology at St Aldate’s, Oxford and Author

Today in Wales, the home of my father and ancestors who met Jesus there, God is stirring the hearts of his faithful who understand the times - he is calling them together, calling them to pray, calling them to his Word, calling them to stand firm on the faith, and calling them to give away the good news of Jesus in Wales. May God bless and use the Anglican Essentials Wales to build Jesus' Church.

John Dunnett

Chair of Evangelical Group on General Synod of the Church of England

I am delighted to hear about AEW - your commitment to orthodox life and witness and your March conference. I pray that 'out of His glorious riches He will strengthen you with power through His spirit' (Ephesians 3).